Good Descriptive Essay Topics Variety

What does it take to come up with a successful essay? It is very important to know what you are going to write about and how you are going to do it. So, what is a descriptive essay? This article focuses on the crucial aspects any student should keep in mind to come up with a polished piece of writing. Thus, a descriptive essay aims to describe a particular aspect – a place, thing, person or event. The secret to a gripping descriptive essay is to let the readers experience the events described in the paper with the vividness the author who wrote it intended. Prepare yourself for any essay with our 50 descriptive essay topics which will become a helpful guide to you whenever you write your own paper. Why focus on topics? The answer is simple – a good topic matters a lot, especially if it comes to descriptive essay writing. Being an author, you need to put a lot of effort into describing a topic, and if this topic isn’t interesting, your paper won’t get a top score.

Interesting Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas

Descriptive essay writing provides one with the freedom to explore any ideas. However, there are some things about it which make the writing process rather special. To make your essay more vivid and vibrant, make sure to use adjectives. Adjectives are critical for your paper, as they can make readers feel the same way as the storyteller. Adverbs make your story more dynamic, informing the reader about the movements and states. Generally speaking, the best advice for choosing topic ideas for a descriptive essay is to focus on a particular person, place or event.

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

  • Your ideal atmosphere for studying.
  • The most remarkable place you’ve ever visited.
  • Describe your first day in college.
  • Your idea of the perfect teacher.
  • Describe your ideal trip.
  • Describe a place you dream of living in.
  • What was the scariest horror movie you’ve ever seen? Describe your feelings and emotions.
  • Describe a unique experience which impacted your life.
  • Describe a person from the crowd who grabbed your attention. What was so special about him or her?
  • Describe the first music concert you went to.

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

  • Describe your favorite family holiday.
  • Tell about your childhood memories which you still remember in detail.
  • Describe your experience with public speaking.
  • Describe your first day at school.
  • Describe a person you admire.
  • Describe yourself when you were 10 years old.
  • Describe your favorite book character.
  • Describe a funny moment in your life.
  • Describe your favorite sports competition you’ve recently participated in.
  • Describe the future of our planet (in 50 or 100 years).

Descriptive Essay Topics about Places

  • The best place on Earth to live in.
  • Describe a place which inspires you to study.
  • Describe your favorite city.
  • A place on Earth you would love to return to.
  • Describe a house you enjoy visiting.
  • A museum you visited some time ago. Which exhibitions were the most interesting ones for you?
  • Describe a place where you grew up.
  • Explain why humans can live on other planets
  • Describe how you would change the city you’re living in now.

Descriptive Essay Topics About Objects

  • Do you still remember your favorite toy when you were a child?
  • Describe your family heirloom.
  • Paint a picture of your favorite fashion look.
  • How would you describe a protective amulet if you had it?
  • Name the objects from the ancient times you would like to own. Describe them. Why did you choose these objects?
  • Describe a store you like to do your shopping in.
  • Do you remember any objects surrounding you when you were a child? Describe them.
  • Describe a place you would like to live in the future.
  • Describe a thing (or things) you would like to own now.
  • What do you like or dislike about your appearance?

Descriptive Essay Topics About Experiences

  • What was the most interesting thing that happened to you during your last trip?
  • Write about how you organized your first birthday party for your friends.
  • Create a guideline of your reading experience. Which book would you recommend your readers to start with?
  • Describe a day you had to stay home alone. What did it feel like and what did you do?
  • Write about your first shopping experience.
  • Describe how you would spend a million dollars.
  • Write about your school exams. Describe what it felt like.
  • How does it feel if you forget to check if you turned off the iron at home?
  • Describe your first essay writing experience.
  • Write about a situation you wish you hadn’t been in.

Being an interesting and engaging activity, writing a descriptive essay could become your favorite pastime. Things are different in real life when you face a lot of challenges and deadlines. Sometimes you struggle with topic ideas because you are thinking about something else. You put your task aside to cope with your homework, but the result is quite easy to predict – you’ve got no essay, and you’re seriously stressed out and frustrated. We would be genuinely happy to provide you with exciting topic ideas and useful tips on the whole essay writing process. Our service guarantees high quality and affordable prices. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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