How to Write an Analytical Essay — Expert Advice

If you are a student who is used to getting only good grades, you will definitely study all the ins and outs of a task before doing it. And the same is true of analytical essays. You won’t create an excellent essay if you do not have the slightest idea what guidelines to follow. The primary goal of this article is, therefore, to help you understand all peculiarities of this assignment. We suggest you look through our detailed instructions on how to write an analytical essay and how to format it correctly.

It is not enough to submit your essay on time. Being a creative assignment, your essay should be prepared following specific rules and guidelines. After checking out this article, you will learn how to write a good analytical essay which will help you achieve your academic goals and get the highest grade!

What is an Analytical Essay?

What is an analytical essay? That is a kind of writing which requires the author to analyze and interpret different books, events, situations, etc. It doesn’t matter what subject area you wish to explore because your main task is to investigate a particular issue, provide your own interpretation of it, and add your personal viewpoint.

There is one more analytical essay definition, and it is as follows: this is a piece of academic in which the author is required to sort out different facts, thus allowing the reader to understand the subject area better. Consequently, the author is expected to reach a certain conclusion whereby they will try to persuade the target audience to agree with them.

The majority of university students do this task at least once in a semester. For some of them, analytical essay writing is a simple assignment, while for others it is something of a mystery, and as such requires further elucidation.

Analytical Essay Structure Main Points

No matter what subject area you pick, the essay structure always remains the same. Even if your writing skills are far from perfect, all it takes for you to create an A-level essay is your desire. If you have it, you will handle this task!

The details will vary, yes. Depending on whether it's textual analysis or a classification essay, the specifics might change. E.g., some papers require block or chain structure, and others need a particular style of language. But, the overall "hull" is pretty much always uniform.

Usually, the structure of an analytical essay is as follows:

  • An attention-grabbing introduction meant to captivate the target audience.
  • The thesis statement reflecting the main idea of your essay.
  • Several body paragraphs providing different arguments.
  • A brief conclusion persuading the readers to agree with your opinion.

Let’s analyze each part and how to start an analytical essay effectively and what tweaks to use to write a high-quality essay.

Analytical Essay Introduction

Keep in mind that you aim to provide the readers with basic information about the issue you are going to discuss. If you want to write a thought-provoking introduction, you should try to be creative about it and focus on specific aspects which will attract the readers’ attention.

So, how to write an introduction for an analytical essay?

  • Explore the topic and decide what aspects are the most interesting ones.
  • Instead of simply stating different facts, concentrate on expressing your personal viewpoint.
  • Don’t make your introduction too dramatic.
  • Make it short (5-7 sentences).

Writing an analytical essay, you should keep in mind that your goal is not only to inform but also to provide a detailed analysis of a particular situation, too.

Analytical Essay Thesis Statement

Some students believe that this section is less important than the body paragraphs. However, they are mistaken because a strong thesis is one of the main ingredients of success. The way you formulate your thesis influences your future grades, and if you don’t want to have them decreased, you should be very careful while developing your thesis statement.

So, what is the thesis statement? The idea behind this piece of text is to inform the readers about your general goal. Why this particular topic? What aspects will be covered? What will the audience gain from reading this essay? Your thesis statement for analytical essay should provide the audience with answers to these questions.

According to some experts, it is better to start with the body paragraphs before moving on to the introduction and thesis statement. This approach has many advantages because you never know how you finish writing.

When covering your ideas in the introductory part, you should be very careful because wordiness can affect your grades. You should come up with a list of ideas you wish to explore and cover them one by one in your thesis. After you’ve dealt with this part, you can proceed to the introduction and conclusion.

Analytical Essay Conclusion

If you’ve gone this far, it means that you are nearing the end of your essay. Is a conclusion important? The conclusion is meant to briefly remind the audience of the evidence stated in the body part and repeat your viewpoint once again.

Some guidelines recommend paraphrasing the thesis statement. You can also use this recommendation because both parts have the same purpose. However, you can’t just copy it!

So, how to conclude an analytical essay? You should inform the readers of the results of your analysis and do it in a clear, concise and informative way.

Analytical Essay Format Basics

Formatting is one of the main aspects of essay writing. You may conduct in-depth research or write a good essay, but if it is not formatted correctly, you won’t get a good grade. When writing an essay, you should stick to a certain formatting system, such as MLA or APA (the former is used for writing essays on IT, Physics, and Chemistry, while the latter is used for writing papers on Engineering, Business, Education, Psychology, etc.).

The choice of the formatting style is contingent on the topic of your essay. If you aren’t sure, you can consult with your instructor who should always know what analytical essay format you can apply.

Analytical Essay Outline Sample

The main goal of having the outline is to help you organize your ideas. You won’t forget about any idea or argument because you’ll follow your outline while writing.

To make it easier for you to choose the best outline, we decided to show you an analytical essay outline example.

Let’s say the topic of your essay is “The use of drugs in sport. Analyze the main reasons why modern sportsmen take drugs.” Your outline may look like this:

  • Introduction. You can start with some statistical data or shocking facts. Make sure to highlight the purpose of your essay in the thesis statement.
  • Body Paragraphs. Investigate this subject area and decide what particular aspects you wish to cover. Why do athletes take drugs? Analyze the main causes of such behavior. What measures should the government take to prevent drug abuse? Is it possible to do this? Each paragraph of your essay should be devoted to one of these aspects.
  • Conclusion. You need to repeat your thesis statement once again.
  • List of references.

Don’t pick the first topic you happen to come across — it should be something you’re familiar with it. It should be interesting not only for you but also for your readers. A captivating topic and your desire to use this guideline are the main prerequisites which will help you create a top-notch essay!

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